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Are you ready to transform your life?

Do you long for more emotional freedom?

Are you done with old limiting patterns and beliefs?

Do you fancy a newer, more updated version of yourself?



Combining Coaching and Modern Mediumship, transformation happens almost over night


"Nynne Bojsen is a Master Healer, Medium & Soul Mentor. She has an outstanding record for healing children, even “difficult cases”. She is known for her extraordinary ability to convey even complex existential information in such a manner that even homeless, alcoholics and other “lost souls” wake up to Truth. Many consider her an Angel on Earth, not least all the children who don´t feel understood by the adults, but feel seen, heard, read and understood by Nynne."

Kirsten Stendevad

"Dearest Nynne.
You helped me more than you can imagine. Your therapy made me realize who I am and how powerful I can be.

Thank you from the deepest in my heart."

Anne Jensen

"Dearest Nynne. It was amazing how you almost removed the anxiety from our little girl in the first session! You are an eminent person, both professionally and personally. We are so grateful for your help and don't know what we would have done without your help.
From the deepest of my heart.

Brit, Mother of a 10 year old girl

"You are intelligent and empathic. This also helps to explore paths that one possibly would not explore if one were totally alone. I find conversations with you comforting and helpful and I leave the meetings with a good feeling. I feel like a clockwork without oil, and you provide some lubricant at the right points. And then the clock starts working again. At least for a while. You don't change the clock, but you understand some of its working principles. And in principle, that clock is alright. It just needs regular attention."


"Nynne is the most intuitive guide you will ever meet. She is in touch with the natural world. Nynne has a way of explaining how things fit together in this world and how it’s connected to the next. She works in a way that crosses all borders and boundaries. If you want a guide in your journey to be the most productive, freer version of yourself her work (programs) are for you. Whether you have a business project, want to have more ease in your life or revolve something plaguing, nagging or pulling at you, I really recommend taking the time to look at her offerings and see how you can take advantage of her vast knowledge, credentials and unique approach. Work with her in some format and wait and see what happens! Wow! Great things for sure. She can and WILL help you expand your horizons."

Valerie Volinski